We are a diverse church of families. We are young and old, we are unified with many ministries. Our focus is to build loving, strong, connected families by the standard God lays out in the Bible. As a group we strive to be the spiritual family of God.



We have a diverse group of students who believe deeply in God. These young men and women are future leaders in the spirit of Jesus. They give, love, and serve to glorify God and build the community in and around Tallinn. We minister to the universities in Tallinn and we have many weekly events, join us today.

Campus, church of families


Youth and Family

We are a passionate group of all ages who seek to follow Jesus. We believe in teaching our children the ways of God so they can make a great impact in the world. Our whole church plays a role in creating the next generation of leaders in God’s church. We also have a dynamic group of High School Christians who represent God every day of their lives.

Youth and Family, church of families