What to expect

What is church?

The Bible says the church is the people who believe in God that have met together. Our church services are open to all. We sing songs to glorify God, we take communion together, and we hear the Word of God preached. Each service is less than 90 minutes. You’re welcome to listen in peace, don’t feel pressured or afraid to join us.

Will I be the only new person?

No. Every week there are many people visiting for the first time, you won’t be alone, come and see.

Who is welcome to come?

Everyone who seeks to learn and understand in peace is welcome. Bring your family and friends as you experience God.

What do I wear to church?

You don’t have to be fancy. Wear what you’d wear to work or a family gathering.

How long is a church service?

Each Sunday service lasts for about one hour and fifteen minutes, sometimes a little more, sometimes less. Arrive early to get a good seat.

What are Christians like?

Christians are like Jesus. We love the world and hope to treat everyone like family, with love and respect.

What is expected of visitors?

Nothing, just come and listen.